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inDesign Tip #3 Balancing Ragged Lines

What we are accomplishing:  Making inDesign recognize “ragged lines” and automatically balance those lines.

There are 2 ways to accomplish this.  The first one I will explain requires you have a paragraph style (which I would recommend having if you are doing a lot of text).  To create a paragraph style, open the Paragraph Styles tab by going to Window, then Type and Tables, then Paragraph Styles.  Once here, click on the “create new style” button located at the bottom of the tab.  Then, right-click on the style that you wish to edit, then click “Edit ‘style name’ “.  This should open the Paragraph Style Options dialog box.  There will be a large list of sections located on the left side of the box.  Click on the one that says “Indents and Spacing” to get to that menu.  Once here, simply clicking on “Balance Ragged Lines” will set up your paragraph style to automatically change your paragraphs to avoid leaving orphans.  This is really helpful when doing tasks such as inputting large paragraphs of text across multiple pages.  It also helps in the case that you need to change an attribute across the whole of the problems.

The second way to do this is very simple. To do this, open your Paragraph tab.  It is located right next to where the Paragraph Styles tab is located.  Once this tab is open, click on the options button (the button that looks like a triangle pointing down with lines to the right of it) located at the top right of the tab.  This will open up your options for that tab.  Next, just click on “Balance Ragged Lines” to turn on the option.

Here is a map for quick reference.

Window –> Type –> Paragraph Styles –> Create New Style –> Right-Click –> Edit “style name” –> Indents and Spacing –> Balance Ragged Lines

Window –> Type –> Paragraph –> Options Button  –> Balance Ragged Lines


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