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inDesign Tip #19 Advanced Underline Options

What we are accomplishing: Using advanced underline options to create double stroke, triple stroke, and other stroked underlines.

Everyone knows how to underline a word or sentence in inDesign.  You highlight the sentence and click the underline button, simple as that.  But what if you need a double underline, or even a triple underline?  Well my friends, there is an easy solution to that.

To begin, underline the text as you normally would.  With the text highlighted, click on the button directly to the right of the quickapply button (1).  A drop down menu will appear giving you the option to select Underline Options (2).

After selecting Underline options, you will be presented with a dialog box with plenty of options.  In this practice text, I need to make a triple underline to define that the “t” should be capitalized.  To do this, I change the underline type to “Triple”, change the weight to 40 pt and the offset to 26.25 pt.

Voila!  The text now has a triple underline!  The same steps can be taken to create other types of underlines, including double underlines, thinner underlines, dotted underlines, etc.

That is it for today’s tip, be sure to leave comments or suggestions.



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